Collection of wines with sophisticated tastes

The best bubbles are indispensable in moments of sharing, and on special occasions. Faithful companion and extreme pleasure of moments of solitude, this sublime wine cheers us up with its perlage



18 months on the lees

5 g/L Total Acidity

First Franciacorta produced by the winery (debut in 2015) obtained from a wine cuvée 100% Chardonnay. Notably influenced by the characteristics of a land of marine origin, it represents the Caruna family's idea of the classic par excellence among the Franciacortas.
Aging in steel and subsequently in the bottle 18 months of permanence on the lees before the disgorgement, with a dosage of less than 5g of sugar so as not to modify the mineral and savory notes which represent the characteristic stamp of the company and finally a few months of rest in the underground cellar before marketing.



24 months on the lees

5 g/L Total Acidity

The Saten is the wine symbol of Franciacorta, designed to enhance the softness and elegance of the Chardonnay grown in this area. Characterized by a more delicate effervescence, it is by definition a Brut "blanc de blanc”. In the Caruna line, it is the product that best embodies the "Naturally chic" philosophy at the basis of the project. Minerality and sapidity blend with the soft elegance of Chardonnay giving life to a Franciacorta that is complex and delicate at the same time. Transparent expression of the characteristics of the terroir, without any interference from the liqueur, aging in steel and subsequently in the bottle for over 24 months on the lees.



36 months on the lees

5 g/L Total Acidity

If the Satèn embodies philosophy Naturally chic of the Caruna project, the Satèn vintage it is the goal. Complexity, minerality, sapidity, and persistence without sacrificing elegance and finesse.
The work of time during the refinement in steel and subsequently in the bottle beyond 36 months on the lees it shapes and enhances the natural characteristics of this wine making it suitable for every situation, from the aperitif to the dinner. The full and elegant character of this vintage make it an always appropriate choice.