The territory

The Caruna winery is located on the slopes of the southern slope of Monte Orfano, in Cologne (BS). A dense network of paths overlooking the slopes dotted with vineyards, with bands of steps that leave room for rows of vines as far as the eye can see. Franciacorta manages to combine the organoleptic notes of its wines with the natural elements of the area, enhancing its colours, the suggestive winter atmospheres, the heat of the summer glow, but also the charm contained in the many castles and monasteries in the area. It is not only a unique territory, in terms of tradition and wine culture: its name constitutes a DOCG brand and corresponds to precise production methods. We are convinced that only the correct use of available resources (the climate, the soil, the vineyards) can give life to inimitable wines, constituting a perfect harmony between natural factors and innovative methodologies.


Our wines want to represent as clearly as possible the uniqueness of the territory from which they originate: Monte Orfano. Minerality and sapidity represent the distinctive trait given by the particular origin of these lands.